Mike Freed
"Walk Humbly and Courageously with God; 
Do Good; Love and Encourage One Another!"
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Drummer Boy's Lunchbox:
Fish & Bread for Sinners & Saints; The Twinkle Twinkle in the Opus of God – by Mike Freed 

After years of preparation and procrastination the “drummer boy” opened his “lunchbox” and spread out a unique smorgasbord of Bible verses, poems, prayers, stories, questions, and other writings. In this revised and expanded, “pass-along” edition, you can feast on most of the original favorites, while enjoying many new and reworked creations as well. This thought and emotion-provoking sampling of life and God’s love has at least a taste of something for everyone.

Mike openly shares his own struggles, joys, experiences, and insights while encouraging readers to explore and reflect on their own lives. This collection, woven together by narrative, may enlighten, inspire, amuse, frustrate, confound, or even anger you at times. However, approach it, with the expectancy of discovering God’s love, forgiveness, and acceptance, and with a willingness to share these gifts with others and you will not be disappointed!

“Every kind word and action are fish and bread in the Master’s hands; they are melodies around which God writes and performs His Opus! … “


Live and love expectantly

For the poop you step in may lead you to a pony.

Amidst the stones that bruise your head or heel,

You may find a precious gem,

In the slime of oysters,

A priceless pearl.

Karlie Harrington, now 9 years old. is smart, fun-loving, sometimes shy, and a little mischievous. She enjoys drawing, painting, reading, dancing, friends, LOL dolls, cooking, baking, sewing, crafts, trampolines, bikes, hoverboards, computers, tablets, iPads, phones, shopping, swimming, zoos, playgrounds, water parks, and “other stuff.”

Mike Freed is a husband; father; grandfather; friend; retired church worker; recovering procrastinator, perfectionist and people-pleaser; recovering emotional-binge eater; bipolar disorder and panic attack struggler-survivor-thriver; jack-of-many-trades; shalom seeker; sinner and saint! Encompassing all these things and more is his identity as a follower of Jesus Christ and a beloved child of God. Mike’s mission is, “To walk humbly, yet courageously with God, do good, love and encourage himself and others!”

Author & Illustrator
 Cover Illustrator

Artist and illustrator, Mykayla Long, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Working in a variety of media, she loves seeing concepts and ideas come to life. In addition to her art, she enjoys reading, singing, Taekwondo, and dancing. Check out more of her art at https://www.mykaylalong-art.com/.

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