Mike Freed
"Walk Humbly and Courageously with God; 
Do Good; Love and Encourage One Another!"
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I'm glad you made it here!  Whether by intent or happenstance you have reached MikeFreed.xyz, the online home of "all-around good guy" and "resident creative," Mike Freed. Why .xyz instead of .com? Well, they wanted $3000 for MikeFreed.com and I was too cheap to pay up.  Besides, I am not a company. 

So who is Mike Freed, you ask? Well, I am just one of the many Mike Freeds in the world, but I'm the good-looking one! (or maybe not!) Seriously though, I am a unique, creative, and multi-faceted individual who enjoys people, writing,  and ice cream, among many other things! So far, I have one book to my credit, Drummer Boy's Lunchbox.  (more about it here) 

I have been, and done, and tried many things in my almost 65 years in this world, but what defines me is not who I am or what I've done, but who I belong to. You see God has claimed me as His own beloved child, and my identity as a child of God and a follower of Jesus supersedes and encompasses everything else.

I hope you'll stick around a while and explore the variety of verbiage on faith, life, and just "stuff" in general, the "xyz" of it all. Most importantly though, I hope you discover the amazing, relentless, and passionate love that God has for you!

Happy Reading!

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